Export Information

Information for Export Markets

Harmonized Code

  • 1208.10.0000 for Enzyme Active, Roasted, and Low Fat products (EASY, ROSY, LOSO)
  • 1208.90.0000 or 1901.20.0025 or 2106.10.0000 for all Scotsman's Mill Ingredients (BLUE100, BLUE155-A, IVORY100, IVORY200)

Standard Packaging

  • 50 lb. bags (22.68 kgs.); or 20 or 25 kg. bags
  • 18" x 4" x 36" dimensions
  • Three layers of paper with inner paper lined with HPDE plastic film
  • Pinch bottom bag
  • Top of bag is heat sealed

Optional Packaging

  • Poly/poly lined tote bags (2,000 lbs. or one MT)


  • Our ingredients are stacked 40 bags per pallet (1 MT)
  • A 20' container will hold 12 MT on pallets or 16 MT hand-stacked
  • A 40' container will hold 20 MT (20 pallets)
  • We can arrange for less-than-container loads via air or sea shipment


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Did You Know?

NPI's soy ingredients are available in both non-GMO and organic. 

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